Currently: Round 11  beta
Sing up now, test and play for free!

THE stone age online strategy game

with clubwarriors and dinosaurs.

Build-up your settlement

and help your tribe prosper.

Revolutionary map with territory borders

and funny animated gaming pieces.

No installation, no hidden costs,

just start playing with your browser.

Fight together with your alliance

against hundreds of other players.

Move your armies like in a classic board game.

Establish borders and decide who may pass.

Dominate your region of the map

and collect taxes from other players.

Wanna know more about the game?


Wack-a-Doo is a MMO strategy game in which you take care of a tribe of wacky cavemen. Help them prosper, by fighting or making friends with other tribes - it's your decision. Soon, you'll be able to enter their persistent world anytime and anywhere, using a browser, an iPhone or iPad.

So, what's different?

Unlike other MMO strategy games, our units are actually visible on the world map, and don't just teleport around invisibly. Feels much more like a classic board game, really. You're playing with thousands of people, the community is at the center of the game. And: We have dinosaurs! Can't beat dinosaurs.

What do I do, then?

Great! Let me see the game!

How much does it cost?

You can play for free. To make this clear: playing Wack-a-Doo was free of charge, is free of charge and always will be free of charge; it costs nothing, nada, zero.

However, we have to feed our dinosaurs somehow, too. That's why there's an optional platinum account offering comfort features. You also have the opportunity to pay small amounts of money and benefit from convenient features, time saving and small boosts. However, we truly believe that multiplayer games should always be balanced and never turn into auctions.

How can I play along?

You can start playing right away. You can log in right here with your e-mail address or you download our app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The registration is safe and without any hidden costs: You won't end up buying a washing machine or a subscription - no risks, all fun! If you don't like the game, don't sweat it, you don't have to do a thing. Your account will be deleted automatically if you haven't been active for a longer time.

We support every current browser: Reasonably updated versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer (version 9) work. It also runs very smoothly with Opera Next. We recommend to use a desktop computer and a browser while working or during your lunch break ;-) for the full availability of all functions, including chat. After several tests at our lab we can recommend to use your iPad or laptop with browser for several more laid back locations: Kick back on your couch or your bed, play the app in boring lectures and of course on the loo. Waiting for the morning commute? iPhone App!

Yeah, alright, I still wanna know more details...

Armies on the world map

Armies are always visible on the world map. No more giving orders through interfaces that look like spreadsheets! They actually exist on the world map, too, so they can't just teleport through enemy territory like they do in other games in this genre. This adds a new strategic gameplay dimension, because for the first time, location affects more than just travel time. So it's more like board games and RTS games.

Taxes and Areas of Control

Have you ever dreamed of taxing your boss? In Wack-A-Doo this dream comes true!

In Wack-A-Doo squares can be conquered and possessed like in a board game. This allows you to control access to all settlements residing inside your square ('region') and to tax their owners. You can conquer and hold large areas of the map together with your allies, found a realm and see its outer borders on the map. With your empire being large enough, you win the round.

Amazing Community

Wack-A-Doo encloses a small but nice community that has been growing for the past 10 years. The atmosphere in the chat and the forum are friendly, even beyond enemy lines - quite untypical for the Stone Age! You can enter the "global" chat without armor. Many gamers are very helpful and cooperative. There might be a short primal scream after defeat, but everyone is a sport and has a good laugh afterwards. Of course we also have some trolls lurking around, but they are easy to spot and are a great target for a joint truncheon attack.

What are you working on right now?

Perhaps you were already wondering, why there hasn't been many public updates and new features during the last months. The reason is us being working on a completely new version for iOS, Android, Browser and Facebook. Please find two screenshots from the soon to be published new version below.

Who are you guys, anyway?

We're avid fans of the genre and some of us were heavily involved in one of its first games in Germany, Uga-Agga, which even today, after more than 10 years, still has a loyal, active fanbase. Now we rejoined in order to take it one step further.

We're a small team based in Freiburg, Germany, but we're already planning a bunch of revolutionary innovations to the genre. Leveraging the armies to be visible on the world map is just the very first step. Stay put!